The concept hails from Thailand and is one of the most liked street food of that country. The process is a creamy milk base poured onto a cold pan, topped with fruit, flavours, chocolates & much more; mashed together. The concoction is then flattened and evenly spread, scraped into rolls & plated at its best.

Live counter is always the best attraction at any event. And to make it even better, We at Roll Over give you the realistic experience of Placing a full fledged cart at the event.

The menu consists of over 100 SKU's - Flavours, Sundaes & Jars to choose over.
We have 3 varieties of carts enabling us to cater to the least crowd of 100 Pax to 5000 Pax.

Cart Specification:

Socket: 15AMPS or 25 AMPS

Dimension: 2ft * 4ft * 6ft (W * L * H)

Power: 1.2Kw (Single Pan) or 2.0KW (Double Pan)